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The company is able to mobilise an extensive inventory of plant and equipment to safely and efficiently complete projects on time and on budget. This is backed by a highly skilled workforce with the technical knowledge and ability to ensure all plant and equipment is maintained to the highest industry standard. From the most important life support equipment to the simplest of tools, maintaining quality is of the highest regard.

Resources include:

a) Commercial in survey work vessels from inshore 9.0m work punts to 16m dive vessel
b) Floating Plant: Barges including crane barges and self-propelled cable lay barges.
c) Mobile containerised diving spreads.
d) Diver Decompression Chamber
e) Diving spreads compliant or exceeding AS/NZS2299.1.2015
f) Cable trenching and burial equipment including high capacity eductor burial tools.
g) Cable Location Equipment
h) High capacity water pumps for dewatering or dredging.
i) Underwater hydraulic tools including: diamond core drills, drills, chainsaws, impact drivers,
jackhammers, diamond and standard grinders, 14” diamond saws, polishers, hull scrubbers,
j) Underwater video and still cameras
k) Remote Operated Vehicle
l) In house fabrication, engineering and welding services.
m) Environmental services
n) Drilling and blasting services
o) In house engineering design and consultancy.