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SX Next Submarine Fibre Optic Cable 2021

The Southern Cross NEXT is a 15,857km submarine cable system connecting Sydney, Aukland and Los Angeles with branching units linking the Pacific Islands of Fiji, Tokelau and Kiribati. The trunk of SX Next spans 13,500km connecting Sydney to Hermosa Beach, California with 4 fibre pairs providing total capacity of 72Tbps. This is the equivalent of streaming 4.5million 4K videos simultaneously.

The SX Next cable has doubled the amount of direct international cable capacity connectivity from the East coast of Australia to the west coast of the USA.

The Diving Co. provided dive support for the Sydney shore end landing in December 2021 off Coogee. This was the third such transoceanic cable landing by The Diving Co. utilising the deep ocean bores off Coogee.

Included in the dive support for the successful landing were the provision of cable hauling and remote video monitoring, installation of jet down HDD support anchors and cable protection installation.