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Subsea & Surface Welding/Cutting Projects

The company can provide subsea welding services compliant to AWS D3.6M:2017 as well as surface welding and fabrication services to Lloyds, ASME and AS/NZS 1554 standards. Ultrathermic subsea cutting capability is enhanced by the utilisation of qualified and highly experienced diver/welders. The companies depth of experience in engineering, fabrication and welding allows clients to benefit from in house engineering solutions thus enabling fast efficient completion of projects.

Walsh Bay Apartments Marina

Client: Bellingham Marinas

Provision of coded diver welders to install welded clover leaf section repair sleeves on steel marina piles. The successful installation of the split repair sleeves prevented further pile failure and subsequent pile replacement costs to the client. 

Fabrication of replacement stop log system, access platforms and blanking plates

Client: The Star Casino

The company has performed a number of surface fabrication works as part of the upgrade of the Star Casinos seawater intake system. The original mild steel stop log frames and blanking system have been replaced with stainless steel items providing longevity and a safe blanking system for the outlet pipework. Additionally a whole access platform over the seawater intake pit was fabricated and installed on site to meet relevant Australian Standards. This compliant stainless steel platform allows safe access to the intake pit and penstock actuator for maintenance staff.

Replacement Pile Bracing on ship lift

Client: D’Albora Marinas, Akuna Bay

The team of boilermakers recently fabricated replacement horizontal and diagonal bracing members for the boat lift at Akuna Bay Marina. Once installed by the divers the facility was able to resume operations.