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Submarine Cable Projects

For over 35 years the company has been at the forefront of providing diving support and subsea intervention for major telecommunications and power submarine cable projects. From transoceanic cables stretching around the globe to the roll out of the domestic fibre optic network throughout Australia as well a number of major power cable projects the company has achieved an excellent performance record and reputation for delivering quality services in accordance with client cost and time constraints.

Transoceanic Cables:

Of the 13 cables landing in Sydney, NSW which constitutes the major international telecommunications hub for Australia, 12 of those cables have been installed with the Diving Co. as the preferred contractor for both directional drilling diving support and cable landing/cable trenching support:

1: Pacrim West: 1995. The longest continuous submarine cable at the time at 7,062km. Manufactured by Alcatel in Botany, NSW the cable was laid at depths up to 8900m. Diving support included directional drilling and shore end landing. Client: Cable & Wireless

2: Southern Cross Cable: (SCCN): 1999: 28,900km submarine network from Narrabeen, NSW Australia to Nedonna Beach, Oregon, USA. Provision of dive support for shore end landing and on-site consultancy and project oversight for landing in Oregon, USA. Client: Alcatel-Lucent

3: Australia Japan Cable (AJC). 2000: 12,700km. Sydney, Guam to Japan. Diving support for directional drilling of bores and shore end landings. Consultancy and diving management/client representation of landings in Japan and remedial works in China. Client: Alcatel-Lucent.

4: Bass Strait 2: 2003: 242km Telstra fibre optic submarine cable from Inverloch, Victoria to Stanley, Tasmania. Shore end landings, Cable protection with Protectorshell, cable trenching. Remedial work on bore protection system at Inverloch.

5: Basslink: 2005: 370km 400KV DC power cable connecting Tasmania to national grid in Victoria. Currently still second longest submarine power cable in existence comprising 3 cables: main power cable, earth return and 12 core Fibre Optic cable. Company provided dive support for shore end landings both at McGauran’s Beach, Victoria and Four Mile Bluff, Tasmania including 18 personnel comprised of dive crews, vessel operators and cable landing coordinators as well as 6 work vessels and associated plant & equipment. The beach landing at Four-Mile Bluff also included installation of Protectorshells and cable trenching operations. Client: Pirelli. 

6: Gondwana1: 2007: Narrabeen, NSW to New Caledonia. Diving support for directional drilling operations and shore end landing. Client: MSD / Alcatel-Lucent.

7: PPC1: 2008: 6900km cable from Narrabeen, NSW to Guam via PNG. Dive support services for directional bore and shore end landing. Client: MSD/Tyco.

8: Telstra Endeavour : 2008: 9,125km cable from Tamarama, NSW to Oahu, Hawaii. Provision of diving support services for directional drilling and shore end landing. Client: MSD/Alcatel-Lucent. 

9: TGA (Tasman Global Access) : 2016: Narrabeen, NSW to Raglan, NZ. Diving support for shore end landings.

Client: MSD/Alcatel Submarine Networks.

10: Hawaiki: 2017: 15,000km cable from Coogee, NSW to Oregon, USA via NZ. Diving support for directional drilling contractors UEA for 2000m directional bore into 35m water depth. Diving support for cable landing for MSD/ASN. 

11: Indigo Central: 2018: Sydney to Perth . Diving support for directional drilling and cable landing at Coogee , NSW including cable protection and post lay burial. Client: Coe Drilling, MSD/Alcatel.

12: Coral Sea 2: 2019: Sydney to Port Morseby, PNG & Honiara, Solomon Islands. 4,700km submarine cable. 4 fibre/20Tbps. Diving support for cable landing, cable protection and post lay burial. Client: MSD/ASN

13: JGA (Japan-Guam-Australia): 2019: Diving support for directional drilling of bore at Narrabeen, NSW to Coe Drilling. Cable landings at Narrabeen and Maroochydore due Nov./Dec 2019.

Domestic Onshore Cables:

Over the last 30  years the Diving Co. has provided and end to end service for submarine cable laying and post lay burial for over 30 cable crossings and in excess of 250km of submarine cable. Recent projects include: 

2019: Sydney Harbour crossing: Dawes Point to Blues Point: Client : Downer: Preparation of documentation for relevant approval authorities, logistics, environmental ,transport, duct proving and roping, marine plant and lay barge, as built survey and diving support.

2019: Sail GP: Rose Bay to Shark Island : Provision of 2 off 48 fibre cables temporarily laid from Rose Bay to Shark Island for worldwide live broadcast of Prestigious F50 catamaran race. Cables recovered and stored in specially fabricated corrals  and tested in preparation for 2020 event .

2018 Lake Macquarie: 12km submarine Fibre Optic cable for Visionstream as part of the NBN roll out:

Provision of environmental services, planning, permits, duct proving and preparation, logistics including transport and crainage, self propelled barge and cable drum stands, cable laying, as built survey and cable burial to specifications.

2018: Cronulla- Bundeena NBN cable: Client Visionstream. Full end to end cable lay service including burial to 1.2m and cable protection via Protectorshell installation through designated seagrass protection areas.

2018: Iron Cove and Gladesville cables: Client: Vocus. Provision of complete end to end submarine cable lay and burial service. 

2018: HKMT-Ryde Project:Anzac Bridge, iron Cove Bridge, Gladesville Bridge Cable crossings: Client: Visionstream. Provision of full marine cable laying service for 3 cable crossings in Sydney Harbour including cable burial .

2018: Wisemans Ferry Cable: Client: Tandem Communications

2017: 2HUH-20: Lane Cove River Crossing: Client: Visionstream. Provision of complete end to end submarine cable lay and burial service. 

2010 to 2016: Various cable projects for Silcar , Telstra and TPG including Lake Jindabyne, Lake Burly Griffith, ACT and 15 other cable crossings throughout NSW and Tasmania including the Olex power cable across the Tamar River , Tasmania.

2009: Botany Bay Cable Project: Client: OES/Viscas/Energy Australia: Provide diving support for the directional drilling of 6 bores at La Perouse as well as 24/7 dive support on cable lay barge to lay 6 13KVA power cables from LA Perouse to Silver Beach, Kurnell. Tasks included provision of 24/7 dive support on lay barge, floating plant and vessels for landings at silver beach, remedial burial operations, geotechnical sub seabed core sampling and post lay survey.  

2007: Port Stephens Cable: Corlette to Pindamar (5km): Client : Silcar Communications: Provision of diving services, logistics, floating plant and post lay burial. 

Derwent River Cable Crossing, Hobart, Tasmania. Client: Telstra. Provision of diving support and full cable lay, protection and jointing services.