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Manly Ferry: Collaroy

Client: Sydney Ferry Corporation
Project: In water repairs to damaged and bent propeller blade.
Date: 2012 & 2018

The Collaroy had an in-water collision with a large whale in Sydney harbour resulting in one propeller blade being bent through 60 degrees mid blade. The team, having assessed the damage proceeded to fabricate a straightening jig which once installed enabled the use of hydraulic jacks to systematically straighten
the blade. The works were completed within 72 hours with subsequent vibration testing and sea trials showing no issues with the repaired propeller blade. This diving intervention allowed the vessel to return to service immediately but also saved the client in the region of $200,000 in dry docking fees and associated costs as well as the delays in waiting for dry docking availability.

The same process was repeated in 2018 on the Manly Ferry ‘Narrabeen’ when collision damage required the team to again fabricate a straightening jig and templates and repair the blade in situ. Again, subsequent trials and vibration testing showed no issues with the repair and the vessel was able to resume service without dry docking thus creating a significant saving for the client.