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Downer: NBN Pittwater submarine cable network

As a specialist submarine cable contractor  The Diving Co. partnered with Downer to install 5 submarine cables linking Scotland Island and the western bays of Pittwater to the NBN .

Services provided include diving support for directional drilling of cable bores, duct proving, rodding and roping , cable laying, cable trenching and protection as well as environmental assessments . As with all the companies cable laying operations real time geopositioning  as well as accurate burial profiling allow surety to the client of the cables position and protection from damage.

The project required the installation of almost 1000m of Protectorshell ( ) to protect the cables across areas where trenching was not possible. Such areas include gazetted seagrass protection zones as well as areas of invasive seagrasses in which disturbance of said invasive species is not permitted .

Despite the added operational issues of completing the project during the COVID19 pandemic the company was able to meet or exceed all KPIs to deliver ahead of schedule as well as comply with all environmental requirements .