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Basslink Cable

Client: Pirelli
Project: Diving Support for the directional drilling and direct cable laying of Basslink Cable
Location: Bass Strait
Date: 2005

The Diving Co were engaged by Pirelli to provide marine and diving support for the Basslink Interconnector. The cable is a high voltage DC cable of 500MW, 370km long which connects the electricity grid of Victoria to Tasmania. Basslink is a monopolar cable with a main cable of 60kg/m , a metallic return and a 12 core Fibre Optic cable which now forms part of the Tasmanian telecommunications network. The Diving Co. provided marine and diving support to the cable lay ship Giulio Verne for the successful landing at McGaurans Beach, Victoria as well as the beach landing at Four Mile Bluff, Tasmania. The landing at Four Mile Bluff on an exposed surf beach required the provision of a dive support vessel and 5 other support boats and crew to handle the omega type floating cable haul from the ship through the surf zone to the beach. Post lay cable protection was provided both through the surf zone and intertidal area as well as over a rock reef offshore via installation of Protectorshells. Further cable protection was achieved through post lay burial with the TD1 Eductor burial tool.