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Ausgrid Ultegra 11Kv West Pittwater submarine power cable

The Diving Co. was engaged by both Ultegra and Directional Drilling Company UEA to provide dive support for the installation of the Ausgrid 11Kv submarine power cable connecting Scotland Island to the Western side of Pittwater . Dive support for the drilling involved general dive support and proving of the bores. Prelay subsurface survey and aquatic habitat surveys revealed the requirement to remove seabed debris and a wreck prior to cable lay.

Cable laying operations were successfully  done in partnership with Ultegra and Polaris Marine  despite severe weather conditions. The landing at Scotland Island required the floating of 250m of cable in a controlled omega pattern with subsequent haulage into the bore.

Post lay trenching and cable protection was successfully completed with ground conditions dictating 200m of Protectorshell installation over hard ground and trenching to depth of greater than 1.5m for the remaining sections.