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For over 50 years the Diving Co has provided diving services for ship repair and ship husbandry.

We provide a 24/7 diving service to Transdev Sydney Ferries as well as numerous other private shipping and tug companies.

Tasks are performed by crews with decades of in water engineering experience and trade qualifications as fitters/mechanics/technicians.

These services include:

  • Propeller polishing with hydraulic polishing machine to better than Rupert Scale ‘A’ .
  • HP water jet removal of marine growth occlusion from seachests, skin fittings and hulls
  • Hull cleaning with HP water jet and dedicated hydraulic hull cleaning equipment.
  • Replacement of anodes both bolted and welded.
  • In Water survey and inspection video work to Lloyds certification and asset damage assessment.
  • In Water propeller replacement
  • In Water propeller replacement utilising the companies exclusive, fully engineered and certified system of controlled explosive device removal of propellers.
  • In water propeller blade straightening
  • Salvage services