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Transoceanic Cable Dive Support:

Since the ground-breaking installation of the 7062km Pacrim West cable in 1995, The Diving Co. has been the preferred diving contractor for the installation of every transoceanic submarine Fibre optic cable on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia as well as the Basslink power cable and the Telstra 2 cable across the Bass Strait. The company has provided diving support for directional drilling operations, shore end landings and post lay burial and cable protection for 14 of the 15 currently operational cables which land in Sydney and comprise the vital connectivity demanded in the digital age.

Diving support services include:

  • Survey of directional drill head breakout on seabed
  • Removal and recovery of directional drilling head
  • Installation of sub-sea completion piece
  • Proving, roping and installation of hauling wire
  • Shore end landing dive support including real time remote cable hauling monitoring
  • Post lay cable inspection
  • Cable Trenching
  • Cable Protection services, utilising Protectorshell systems.
  • Cable location services

Domestic Inshore Submarine Cable Laying:

The Company provides a unique end to end service for the installation of domestic inshore telecommunications and power cables networks. Recent works include in excess of 20km of submarine cable as part of the NBN rollout across Australia as well as the 11Kv West Pittwater cable for Ausgrid .These services provide an integrated, efficient network solution for our clients and includes:

  • Route Planning: Feasibility studies
  • Preparation of documentation for relevant authorities.
  • Environmental survey and compliance.
  • Duct proving, rodding and roping of ducts.
  • Logistics including terrestrial and marine transport and crainage.
  • Provision of cable stands and marine plant including self-propelled barges, support vessels and dive vessels.
  • Supervision of cable installation with vessel navigation, tension & catenary monitoring, route control and real time route mapping.
  • Post lay burial and cable protection to AS6947
  • Cable trenching equipment
  • Cable location services


Cable Lay: Rozelle Bay