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The Diving Company has extensive experience in the provision of underwater asset inspection work including both Rail and Road bridge assets, wharves, slipways , moorings, sea walls and all marine assets.

Divers are trained and qualified in underwater inspection to CSWIP3.2U standards. Personnel have also received additional training in inspection of concrete structures in accordance with statutory requirements.

Clients include : RMS, Sydney Trains, Aecom, RPS Group, SMEC, Dept. of Public Works (NSW) , Sydney Ports Authority, Dept. of Navy, Patterson Britten , Thiess, WSP Australia.

Additionally the company has provided diving and explosives support for seismic survey and geotechnical survey work including the provision of subsea seabed core sampling.


1. Walsh Bay Finger Wharves Pile Inspections:

Client: Dept. of Public works

Inspection and condition assessment of all the piles on the heritage wharves at Walsh Bay.

2. Balmain Shipyard Wharf Inspections:

Client: WSP Australia

Asset appraisal inspection of wharves and hardstand at Balmain Shipyard facility for WSP Australia on behalf of NSW Government. Included inspection and measurement of timber piles , Concrete hardstand and steel piles. 

3. Rail Asset Inspections:

Client: Sydney Trains

High Pressure cleaning and subsequent inspection of Meadowbank and Brooklyn railway bridges. Included external inspection of all piers, pile cappings and piles and internal inspection of steel caissons with ROV at Brooklyn.

4. Rail Asset Inspections:

Client: SMEC, Aecom

Inspection of rail bridges and culverts on various rail networks throughout NSW including Country Rail Network.

5. Seismic Survey & Geotechnical Survey:

Client: Coffey

Provision of diving and shotfiring/explosives services for seismic surveys and bottom sampling in various locations in NSW.

6. Seabed Coring & Sampling

Client: Viscas Corporation

Hydraulic percussion coring of hard compacted seabed soils in Botany Bay as part of the Botany Bay Cable Project burial assessment process.