ShipInspection maintenance and repair  


Hull Cleaning – Various Vessels

Client: Harbour City Ferries (current)

Date: 1998 –  Present

Project Description:

Diving Co are regularly contracted to carry out hull maintenance and cleaning on vessel s for Harbour city ferries. Hull cleaning allows the vessels to function more efficiently saving costs on fuel and mechanical repairs.  Our custom built cleaning equipment is designed to remove marine growth whilst leaving the vessels protective and anti-fouling paint in place.

Key items: hull cleaning, specialist equipment, efficient running of vessels

Status: Ongoing

Repair of damaged propeller on vessel ‘Collaroy’ – Balmain, NSW

Client: Harbour City Ferries

Date: 2012

Project description:

After an impact with a floating object one of the feathering propellers on the vessel ‘Collaroy’ was significantly bent out of position. The vessel is part of a passenger transport service in Sydney and therefore needed to be repaired ASAP. The prop cannot be removed while the vessel is in the water and would normally need to be placed in a dry dock. Diving Co was able to bend the prop back into place with the use of divers and hydraulic jacking equipment.  Aside from being a much quicker option for the client the cost savings when compared to docking the vessel would have been significant.

Key items:  Propeller repair, fast response, hydraulics

Status: Complete