Venus Bay Ocean Outfall

Venus Bay Victoria required an outfall to be installed for Gippsland Water Corporation, drilling contractor Coe Drilling Australia

The construction technique was to be an ocean bore directionally drilled from the area behind the sand dunes offshore for 700m. Haul Bach a 700m HDPE section. Install a 100m diffuser pipe, install stabilization pins and anodes. Install adapter piece between the HDPE and Diffuser Pipe.

Once the drilling was completed the divers attached a 600mm diameter back reamer at sea. The back reaming completed the drillers tripped the drill string offshore to connect to the 700m HDPE pipe section that was towed from Andersons Inlet to the bore exit point.

pic-Venus Bay

A barrel reamer was connected in front of the HDPE pipe and the 700m of pipe was hauled towards the drill point.

Once the pipe had reached the design point at the seabed the haul back was stopped. The divers measured the pipe flange at the seabed for alignment to enable an adaptor to be fabricated between the HPDE pipe and the diffuser section.

Jet down anchors were installed to control the flooding and maneuvering on the seabed of the 100m section of diffuser pipe.

Makeup piece between HDPE pipe and Diffuser section.

Makeup piece between HDPE pipe and Diffuser section.

Once this diffuser section was aligned on the seabed the diffuser was pinned with jet down anchors.

The adapter section was installed and anodes fitted to the steel diffuser. A completion video was carried out on all elements of the construction phase.

pic Venus Bay 2