BS2 Telstra Cable. Inverloch Victoria to Stanley Tasmania for Alcatel Submarine Network

Having performed several Shore end landing diving works on the East coast at Narrabeen, Tamarama and Bondi in Australia and assisting in landings at Nedonna Beach Oregon and Wada Beach Japan. The Diving Co was contracted to carry out the landings at Inverloch Victoria and Stanley Tasmania.

Both cable landings involved the pre running of haul back wires into conduits placed offshore 1kl at Inverloch and 400m at Stanley.

The cables were floated ashore after being connected to a haul back wire located 800m seaward of the conduit entrance.

Upon completion of installation the cables was inspected to the 12m water depth position.

Burial with the Tassie Devil trenching machine completed the 1200m of burial to a depth of 1.2m through soft sand and shell.