Olex power cable installation for Daly's Construction Tamar River Tasmania.

Olex power cable installation

Floating of cable across West Arm Tamar River Beauty Point to Anchor Point

After the completion of the installation of the cable across the West Arm between Beauty Point and Anchor Point the divers installed articulated pipe from either end to meet approximately 50m North of the main channel. A joiner section was fabricated to the join the intersection of the Articulated pipe. Total laid 520m approximately.

Olex power cable installation

Articulated pipe adaptor from conduit to Articulated pipe Beauty Point. Typical completion at all exit points.

Olex power cable installation

Articulated pipe welded joining section bell to bell.

Diving Duties:

On completion of cable laying from the lay barge the divers removed support bags as required to allow the cable to be hauled into the Point Effingham conduit. The cable haul back was stopped due to the cable lying across the effluent pipe and possibly catching on anodes installed along the pipe.

The articulated adaptors were installed at both Anchor Point and Point Effingham to allow for installation of articulated pipe. Approximately 20m of articulated pipe was installed at each of the above sites. A video of the Articulated pipe installation at West Arm and of the 20m sections of pipe installation either side of the Tamar River cable was recorded to the 20m water depth position.

Olex power cable installation

Laying Olex power cable for Daly's Construction across the Tamar River between Anchor Point and Point Effingham.