Subsea Cables - Submarine Cable Installation & Handling

Diving Co are highly experienced in submarine cable installation work which covers all sizes of telecommunications cables both fiber optic and copper as well as power cables. Our expertise cover complete installation along with most aspects of cable handing including laying, landing, detection, burial, survey, hauling, recovery, removal and proving of existing conduits. These expertise are accompanied by a large range of specialist equipment designed to ensure accuracy and dependability for any cable job type.

Diving Co is one of the highly reputed Submarine cable installation companies. Wehave a range of specialist equipment for any cabling job requirements. Whether you need to land, move, bury recover or remove a cable, diving co has the equipment to help you succeed.

Just some of the equipment we own:

  •         Venturi dredging equipment
  •         Air lift (salvage) equipment
  •         Cable landing equipment
  •         Cable burial equipment (retro-jet & Dredge)
  •         Cable drum stand’s (5t – 25t)
  •         Cable lift/floatation bags

Diving Co have previously developed custom equipment for large scale cable jobs in Bass Strait to suit specific project and cable requirements.

Specialist Cabling equipment 

submarine cable reel and coiled cable ready for deployment

Ensure your cable job is done RIGHT. 

Diving Co support vessel during laying of Basslink cable.

Diving Co are able to fit armouring to cables to ensure protection of important infrastructure from anchors or deliberate sabotage. 

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