Ship and Marine Maintenance

Diving Co provides ship and marine structure(jetty and wharfs) maintenance services including welded installation of anodes, high pressure water cleaning, hydraulic brush cleaning, hand scrubbing, prop removal, general maintenance and inspections.

For ships, maintaining hull, cooling intake and propulsion systems from marine growth will not only save costs on fuel and mechanical maintenance but also reduces harmful emissions into the environment.  

For Jetty, regular inspections and maintenance along with changed cathodic protection helps to increase the longevity of a structure as well as reducing the frequency of structural repairs. 

We have a range of specialised equipment available for all vessel types and commission jetty Maintenance And Inspections. For more information regarding our marine maintenance & inspection capabilities email or call us on 02 9907 9900 


  • Vessel/structure  inspections
  • Full cleaning of sub-surface portion of vessel hulls using either hand or mechanical means depending on requirements
  • Cooling intake (sea chest) marine growth removal
  • Propeller Cleaning
  • Propeller removal


  • Dive Vessel
  • Hydraulic cleaning equipment
  • Hand cleaning tools
  • Propeller removal equipment

Large vessel maintenance  

Regular inspection and replacement of Anodic Protection will help preserve the service life of a marine vessel or structure. 

Feathering Prop straightening

Straightening of "feathering" propeller. 

Diving co provides maintenance on vessels and marine structures including anodes , props, cleaning, and inspections.