Silcar Communications - Port Stevens Fiber Optic cable installation

Installation of 5kl of fiber optic cable across Port Stevens from Corlette to Pindimar.

Port Stevens fibre optic cable installation

Self-propelled Cable Laying Barge laying cable across Port Stevens.

The 16 ton reel was loaded on to the self propelled pile barge at the Fishermans Wharf facility at Port Stevens. Windy conditions hampered the lay on the planned day however the lay day was smooth and good conditions prevailed.

Port Stevens fibre optic cable installation

Rigging cable for hauling up HDPE conduits at Corlette Beach.

The Fiber Optic cable was buried through large sand waves, compacted sections of shell and through sections of soft mud to a depth of 1m below seabed. Diving operations were challenging taking into account the strong current flow and persistent strong winds during the September to November period 2007.

Diving Duties:

Mobilise barge and burial equipment. Lay cable for 5kl across Port Stephens and survey during lay operations. Bury cable through sand, shell and mud to a depth of 1m.