Pile Restoration System &  Sub-Surface Replacement

Preserving heritage structures on the water has become an important aspect of marine construction in Australia. Restoration of existing structures brings with it a unique set of challenges both on the surface and below water. As a leading marine piling contractor, Diving Co are able to provide services for the restoration of timber, steel and concrete piles.

Diving Co offers a range of sub-surface replacement and restoration systems including steel jack ups, timber splicing, polymer strengthening and concrete encasement.  Diving co have utilised these systems across a large scope of marine piling projects including slipway foundations, sub-surface foundations, steel and concrete service wharves and under buildings with marine foundations. 

The restoration techniques used by our marine piling contractors provide an alternative to a complete rebuild whilst also minimising disturbance to  normal activities on and around the structure. 

We have completed diverse range of Marine piling and contracting projects –both large and small scale. To View our Piling projects click here

Concrete encased - timber pile  after restoration.