Marine construction and Marine Engineering Projects

Demolition of Degaussing Range, Sydney Harbour

Client: Department of Defence (DoD) Department of Navy

Date: 2014 - 2015

Project description:

The Diving Co were engaged by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to perform the following works on a number of the Degaussing Ranges that exist in Sydney Harbour during a period from 2014 to 2015. Works on the range included:

1: Replacement of sensors, sensor cables and installation of 600m of new fibre optic cable from the Vaucluse control station to the Multi Influence Range. This included the laying of a new fibre optic cable with preinstalled cast steel Protectorshell® armouring.

2. The demolition and recovery of 3 obsolete ranges no longer operational including the deep North/South Range which was sitting in 33m water depth.

This included dive support for the extraction of the piles and recovery of all hardware and associated cabling as well as underwater demolition of the range structures.

The depth of water required the mobilization of the companies Diver Decompression chamber and associated containerized dive spread onto a work barge on the site.

Key items:

Status: Complete

Diver preparing for deep water dive
large diameter pipe being floated into place
repairs on strainer intake
Maintenance of intake screen

Avon Dam, NSW - Various Diving  Works

Client: Veolia (Current)

Date: 1995 – Current Date

Project Description:

In 1995 the company was engaged by Waterway Constructions for the Concrete Constructions Kinhill Joint Venture to install the Avon submerged pipeline project. The project involved 3 main parts:

1: installation of the strainer intake structure on the existing intake tower:

This involved installing about 100 tonnes of ring manifold, risers and intake strainers with very limited crane access around the tower.

2: Installation of the 1800mm diameter submerged pipeline: The pipe was fabricated on site from sections transported up the escarpment and launched on a temporary slipway. Each pipe string weighed 50 tonnes and was located on concrete saddles sitting on steel I beam headstocks supported by driven steel piles. In total there were 37 pipe strings stretching 1.2Km along the dam floor.

Through proactive consultation with the consulting engineers the Diving Co developed a highly efficient methodology for laying the 50tonne pipe strings resulting in productivity rates beyond expectation.

3: Ancillary diving works included dredging around the drop shaft which was tunnelled from Kembla Grange as well as the Broco cutting of approximately 350 piles and the removal of old trees and debris along the route.

The raw water plant has been operated by Veolia for some years and Diving Co has been engaged over the last 20 years to carry out all underwater maintenance on the structure including the replacement of main butterfly valves weighing over 5 tonne to the planned inspection and maintenance of all the sub surface components including replacement of anodes, burst discs. Additionally the company has done extensive works on the old intake valves on the tower as well as recently replacing all the support rods for the tower intake structure.

Rose Bay Boat Ramp

Client: GPM

Date: July 2012

Project Description:

Diving Co provided various services for GPM during the construction of a new boat ramp in Rose Bay, NSW.  The job included installation of prefabricated 20 ton concrete units, stabilisation and grouting of installed units and placement of rock armour around ramp.

Key items: 20t concrete units, rock armour

Status: Complete

Maneuvering of 20t concrete units