Underwater Inspections & Sampling

Diving Co provides inspections on underwater structures/features using a variety of measuring, recording and sampling equipment. Highly experienced divers carry out the work under the communicative direction of a diving supervisor. Underwater Inspections are recorded and sent to the client or the client may be present during and site the inspection to view, first hand from our monitoring systems.  Core samples and other samples collected for testing are collected, labelled and packaged to minimise exposure.

Our Underwater Inspection Capabilities:

  • High detail inspections carried out by experienced divers
  • High quality footage of inspections
  • Tagging and periodic monitoring of marine structures
  • audio/visual combined footage available (diver – supervisor dialogue)
  • sub-surface, concrete and steel coring small and large diameter
  • expert reporting, drawing on vast experience with marine structure inspections and outcomes

Our team will ensure that you get the information you need for any sub-surface structure. 

We specialise in Underwater Bridge Inspections and have completed diverse range of projects –both large and small scale. 

Diving Co has a large array of inspection equipment including live feed sound and visual monitoring, specialist measuring devices as well as digital recording equipment. 

Inspection camera and light mounted to divers helmet prior to inspection.

Diving Co is able to provide highly experienced divers to ensure reporting and analysis is detailed and accurate. 

Mobile dive spread featuring live feed camera screen, audio communication and divers air supply monitoringsystem. 

Concrete sample cores up to 2m in length,taken from a marine structure in NSW. The holes were filled immediately after the cores were taken using a special purpose, marine grade mortar.