Inspection  and Sampling

Rail Bridge NSW
Diamond bit Coring Rig
Concrete core samples

Inspection and Coring of Brooklyn Rail Bridge NSW

Client: SMEC (Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation)

Date:   2015                                       

Project Description:

The Diving Co was contacted to conduct inspection surveys as well as collect concrete core samples on behalf of SMEC in the latter half of 2015.

Detailed inspection surveys of the 4.5m diameter bridge piles were carried in difficult tidal and weather conditions. The surveys required a measurement reference system be set up and a 3 point measurement of the pile be taken to allow 3D autoCAD drawings to be generated.

Core samples with a diameter of 75 mm were collected to penetration depths over 1250 mm using Diving Co's coring equipment. The cores were carefully rinsed, packaged and submitted to the client for inspection and testing. Penetration voids were plugged once the cores were collected using repair mortar, specially designed for underwater applications.

Underwater footage of the piles, as well as detailed inspection reports, were submitted to the client at regular intervals to ensure any potential propagation of damage was carefully monitored. Diving Co's team have a wealth of experience in pile inspection and were able to assist in identifying various damage types and potential causes. 

Key items: visual-audio diving inspections, underwater coring > 1250mm, detailed inspection reporting, underwater cleaning/removal of marine growth. 

Status: Complete


Australian National Maritime Museum - Heritage Pontoon Underwater Inspection

Client: AWB for ANMM

Date:     2015                                       

Project Description:

Diving Co was contracted to carry out detailed inspections on ANMM’s heritage pontoon in Darling Harbour, NSW. The project included cleaning and visual inspection of the mooring systems, ultrasonic testing on metallic structures and visual inspection of welds by NDT certified personnel.

The inspection was reported back to client using recorded diver audio, digital video and photography, as well a detailed inspection report from the job supervisor.

Key items: ultra-sonic thickness testing, heritage structure, non-destructive testing (NDT) certified divers.

Status: Completed