Company Profile - Diving Co.

The Diving Company (NSW) Pty Ltd has been established for over 40 years and in that time has been providing industrial diving services to the marine and construction industries in New South Wales and other States in Australia for both private companies and Government departments.

The Directors of the Company are Mark Dowd and Simon Guthrie, both of whom have more than 30 years commercial diving experience, gained in the military and in the offshore oil industry in Australia and overseas. Mark and Simon directly oversee or supervise all projects undertaken by The Diving Company to maintain the high standards of workmanship expected of this Company and its staff.

Combining our extensive experience we aim to find innovative solutions to underwater problems and the provision of direct supervision and liaison at all stages of preparation and execution of a project, we believe we can offer assistance to any marine project, large or small.

Company History

The company was founded in 1965 and was located at Warraba Road, Narrabeen and was managed by Wally Gibbins. The Diving Co was based at Harbord NSW for many years prior to relocating to Seaforth in 1991 to the premises it now occupies. The Seaforth site has the advantage of having a large storage yard ideal for secure storage of our equipment and fabrication areas. The main office is easily found by clients and parking is always available.


Simon Guthrie: (Project Manager)
Simon had been with the Diving Co since 1982 having worked offshore for Oceaneering International, Comex Australia and a variety of companies in Asia and the Subcontinent since 1972. He is currently President of the ADCA (Australian Diving Contractors Assoc.), a member of Australian Standards committees for Commercial Diving and was a founding board member of the Australian Underwater Training Centre. Contact: simon@divingco.com.au

Mark Dowd: (Diving Superintendent)
Mark started his diving in the Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Branch in 1973. He left the Navy in 1978 after spending operational time in Clearance Diving Team 1 and 2 stationed in Sydney NSW. A short stint in the Civil construction and Mark was offshore to Brunei with Oceaneering International.

Comex Australia set up in Bass Strait in 1980 and divers from around the world returned to work in the Oilfield with Comex for the next 3 years. After a large amount of time in Saturation and a variety of offshore construction projects it was time to try his hand at the Civil Construction diving Industry. The Diving Co was to be a new challenge and has provided an interesting and diverse experience over the last 20 or so years. Contact: mark@divingco.com.au


The Directors and senior staff members of the The Diving Co have provided consultancy services to Telecommunication companies where the need for specialist knowledge of diving operations was essential. These services started with the selection and engagement of local diving contractors meeting the client's requirements with regard to safety, insurance and operational requirements. After the selection process, the consultant remained on site to oversee the day to day operations of the diving contractor, ensuring timely completion and the quality of the works. A full reporting service was provided to the client.