Civil Contracting

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Drilling Contractors

AJ Lucas
Cherrington Australia
Coe Drilling Operations

Civil Engineering

Clough Engineering
Waterway Constructions
Leightons Constructions
Haslin Constructions
Reid Constructions
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Civil Contracting

Discharge diffuser head installation at Boulder Bay Ocean Outfall.

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Boulder Bay Ocean Outfall for Clough Engineering. Subsea tunnel to seabed riser installation and diffuser head positioning using submersible barge.


Inspection of timber structures for Consulting engineering companies and Government Depts.

Civil Engineering Projects

  1. Underwater drilling, blasting and removal of 2,000 cubic metres of rock at Norah Head Ocean Outfall for the Gosford Sewerage Augmentation, with the provision of overall site supervision.
  2. Installation of the Dolphin Gas Pipeline at Seaspray, Victoria, for McConnell Dowell Constructions. Project involvement included seabed survey, installation of drilling heads and back reamer and placement of concrete weight blocks on pipeline.
  3. Foundation survey, geotextile installation and final control of seawall at Bulk Liquids Terminal, Botany Bay, Sydney, for Walker Civil Engineering.
  4. Design, manufacture and installation of deep aeration systems in various dams in New South Wales for the Public Works Department.
  5. Overall supervision and installation of HDPE water and sewer mains across the Georges River and Iron Cove, Sydney, for the Water Board.
  6. Installation of cables including overall supervision, cable laying and burial for Telstra, NDC, Alcatel, Optus and Alstom.