Recent Cable Projects

Cable installation and Burial – East Balmain to Blues Point

Client: ISGM/Telstra

Year: September 2015

Project description:

After pair of cables were damaged by a vessel in Sydney Harbour, Diving Co was contracted to place two replacement cables from Balmain East to McMahons point.

The project required preliminary work to clear debris from damaged cables before laying the new cables which was carried out in the week leading up to the cable lay. The two cables were placed over two days in a high traffic area of the Harbour. The cable position was tracked via GPS while being placed to ensure it matched the route given by the client. 

Both cables were placed on course and without any delays due to external influences. Follow up work was carried out including a surveillance swim of the cables, burying of the cables and in areas where burying was not possible, placement of cementitious and geological protection.

Key items:  debris clearing, cable reel stand, cable hauling, cable burial and protection.

Status: Complete

Cable installation– Dawes Point to Milsons Point

Client: Thesis/Silcar

Date: June 2015

Project description:

The Diving Co performed the installation of 2 submarine cables within the telecommunications corridor across Sydney Harbour parallel  to the Harbour Bridge on the 4th June 2015 under a subcontract from Thiess Services.

Operations were preceded by rodding and roping of the designated conduits on either shore on the day prior to placement date. This ensured that the conduits were open and clear to allow hauling to take place.  Diver inspections were undertaken at all locations post lay and it has been reported that the cable is lying in contact with the seabed in a straight alignment with no excessive tension or damage.

All vessels returned to SMC Marine’s facility where unloading and securing of the residual cable and handling equipment was undertaken.

Key items:  500m fibre-optic cable, major services channel, cable hauling, cable placement

Status: Complete

Copper Cable Installation and burial – Wakins Rd to Alexander St, Wangi Wangi, NSW

Client: ISGM/Telstra

Date:  December 2014

Project Description:

Diving Co was contracted for the placement and burial of new copper communication cables in Wangi Wangi, NSW. The project involved the placing of a 1km cable across a portion of Lake Macquarie which passed through moorings and popular fishing areas. The cable was laid using a 6m flat bottom barge. Once laid, the cable was buried along its entire length as the risk of accidental anchorage around the cable was high due to vessel and fishing activities.  Specialised retro-jetting and dredging equipment was used to create a channel in the various material types encountered along the cable path to achieve a burial depth of 1m or more.

Key items: cable hauling, copper cable placement, burial >1m along length, jetting and dredging, cable

Status: Complete

Cable installation and Burial – Speers Point to Booragul, Lake Macquarie, NSW

Client: ISGM/Telstra

Year: 2013

Project description:

Diving Co was contracted to assist in the placement of a new communications cable across Lake Macquarie for ISGM/Telstra. The job involved proving of cable conduits to ensure sufficient space was available for the new cable, mounting the cable on a reel ready for placement and laying cable off the work barge whilst controlling winding speed, positioning and intended course.  Both ends of the cable needed to be hauled through conduits, one prior to and once after the laying of the cable. Diving Co was able to provide specialist hauling equipment for both ends of the job.

Key items:   Conduit proving, cable burial equipment, hauling equipment, cable reel stand

Status:  Complete 

Submarine Cable Installation - Jindabyne NSW

Client: Silcar/Theiss

Year: Feb 2013

Project description:

The Diving Co NSW Pty Ltd carried out the installation of the Submarine cable between the Joint boxes at Jindabyne across Lake Jindabyne to the new joint box on the Tyrolean Village foreshore.  The services provided for the project included:

  • Sounding profile of seabed to establish change in water depths critical to floating cable installation
  •  Location of conduits on the Jindabyne side and assistance with the installation of the HDPE bore on the Tyrolean village site
  • Installation of hauling lines and setting up of reel stand /cable reel.
  • Sinking of cable to profile with the seabed conditions. Survey cable for GPS position during sinking operations
  • Installation and securing of cable through conduits
  • Inspection of cable to 875m contour – 30m water depth
  • Excavation through shallow sand over rock and jetting through clay to a contour depth of 875m.

Key Items:  sounding of seabed, conduit locating, deep water works, burying of cables

Status: Complete

Cable reel and cable stand ready for lay
cable relay vessel and crew