Bridge to Bay Alliance (Baulderstone Hornibrook).

Project: Seabed cable identification and mapping of pier footprint for new bridge.


  • Survey footprint for proposed bridge piers.
  • Install double sediment control boom to contain any materials that are disturbed during excavation at the site.
  • Assist with water monitoring upstream and down stream of the excavation site.
  • Excavate using water jet and induction dredge a trench 3m wide and 1.5m deep to expose communication cables in the vicinity of the bridge footprints.
  • Remove major debris that may effect pipe driving in the footprint area.
  • Survey position of cables and debris.
  • All diving carried out in contaminated protection suits and sealed mask to prevent exposure to contaminated seabed materials that may be present.
  • Job completed on time and to the satisfaction of the Bridge to Bay Alliance (Baulderstone Hornibrook)
pic-Venus Bay

Diver dressed in contaminated diving protection suit and dive mask.

pic-Venus Bay

Silt containment boom installed from surface to seabed around 17m length excavation trench