Basslink HVDC cable landings, protection and burial

The Diving Co was engaged by Pirelli Cavi e Sistemi Spa to assist in the landing of the HVDC cables into McGaurans Beach Victoria and Five Mile Bluff Tasmania.

The operation involved the landing of 3 cables including HVDC, Metallic Return and Fiber Optic cable.

pic-Basslink cable

The cables on the Victorian side were directed into sub sea conduits approximately 500m of the shore line. The bundled cables were buried by the Diving Co Tassie Devil trenching tool to a water depth of 10m where the cableships burial machine was able to continue burial offshore.

On the Tasmania landing point, the cables required to be towed ashore to a wire pick up position where the cables could be hauled up the beach to above water conduits.

The cables were later protected with Cast Iron Shells over the reef section close to shore.

pic Basslink cable protection

Burial of the cables was also carried out by the Tassie Devil trenching tool and this was used to successfully bury cable to a depth of 1m over sand and 500mm over rock into the shallow water area behind the surf zone.

The Bass link cable works offered many challenging situations with limited access to the sites and sea condition on most occasions unpredictable.